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Current Bankruptcy or Consumer Proposal

We can access financing for same-day filing. Well before the six months, most lenders will only look at you as a client – rate as low as 8.9%!

Discharged Bankruptcy or Consumer Proposal

If you have not re-established credit post-discharge, you may still face rates 29.9% or higher. We can access rates traditional lenders will not offer!

Credit Counselling or Re-building

Even though you are taking steps to get credit back on track, lenders likely will not finance – we advocate to get fair financing that gets you on the road!

Experienced insolvency and restructuring professionals will guide you through the steps and assure that you are set up for success. Their expertise includes:


Setting up, following, and managing a budget is an important part of debt management. Meet with a licensed insolvency trustee or debt professional if you are struggling to make a budget. They will work with you to create a viable and reasonable budget based on your financial situation.

Credit Rebuilding

A licensed insolvency trustee or debt professional can go over your credit report with you to help you to understand each part of the report and to provide insight on how to catch up on outstanding payments. This also includes how to best pay off your debt and offer advice to better manage your bills in the future.

Debt Solutions

Licensed insolvency trustees offer two government regulated debt relief options. A consumer proposal is a formal arrangement which consolidates your debt and makes an offer to your creditors to either modify your payments or repay only a percentage of what you owe. Bankruptcy is a legal process that helps a person with unmanageable debt get a financial fresh start.

Financial Restructuring

Debt professionals offer financial restructuring programs for individuals and businesses. Their expertise can narrow down on small details, or issues that affect profit and/or cash-flow so nothing is missed.

Talking With Creditors

Licensed insolvency trustees and debt professionals can assist you in negotiating with your creditors. They will work with your budget and advocate on your behalf when negotiating payments. Once you have filed a bankruptcy or consumer proposal, they will also notify your creditors to cease collection activity.

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